april 18, 2022 2:15 pm

Happy Monday!

Today is a special day, because I’ve launched the ‘Collocation of the Day’ newsletter and podcast for people who want to speak and write English in a more natural and accurate way.

In the newsletter and podcast I help you learn and practise useful English language in 5 minutes each workday.

No spam, nothing annoying or unexpected. Just 5 common collocations (word combinations), 5 example sentences, and 1 task for you to apply what you’ve learnt.

Sounds good? Then listen here to the first episode:


Exclusively for the first episode, I’ve decided to share the transcript here.

To get a transcript for every episode, you can subscribe to the newsletter.

If you have any questions, let me know. I’m here to help you 🙂  

Thanks for reading and good luck on your English learning journey!

About the Author Kristian

Hi, I'm Kristian de Groot. I've been teaching English since 2018. I'm also the creator of the Collocation of the Day podcast, which is listened to by learners of English all over the world. Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for the free transcript service.


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